TPL timetables and lines

Timetables and routes of the TPL lines managed by Cavourese

Regular throughout all the network

Local public transport timetables divided by zones

This section is dedicated to the publication of all the timetables of the TPL lines managed by Cavurese S.p.A.. The timetables, divided according to the various periods of the year, can be consulted and easily downloaded in a pdf format for simple consultation and to be able to read them anywhere using a smartphone, a tablet or a PC.

The extension of the Cavourese network over a large territory in the entire province of Turin and Cuneo entails the presence of various facilities with customer assistance points. The kind and qualified staff is available to support customers, respond to all needs and resolve the main problems.

It is always possible to go to the counters to get information on the characteristics of the lines, to request the best travel solution or to clarify doubts. All staff are authorized and trained to answer telephone calls. The offices are open all day but it is advisable to show up or call in the late morning or early afternoon.

Below is a description, addresses and telephone numbers:

  • Cavour offices - Via Antica di Pinerolo n. 63 - Tel. 011 3970000 - Extensions 208 or 210
  • Giaveno offices - Via Coazze n. 23 - Tel. 011 3970000 - Extensions 401 or 402
  • Chieri Offices - Via Conte Rossi di Montelera 20 - Tel 011 3970000 - Extensions 701 or 702

All offices are authorized to carry out ticketing operations.

The days and times of opening to the public are as follows:

Monday to Friday: Morning from 08.30 to 12.30 | Afternoon: from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm - Midweek holidays are excluded.

For doubts, questions and queries you can always write to the email address


Line 296 | Torre Pellice - Luserna S. Giovanni - Pinerolo
Linea 298U - Servizio urbano di Prarostino
Line 438 | Torre Pellice - Luserna S. Giovanni - S. Secondo - Osasco
Line 901 | Torino - Pinerolo - Torre Pellice

Servizio svolto in pool con Arriva Italia s.r.l.

Collina di Chieri (Chieri Hill)

Line 179 | Torino - San Luca - Eremo - Pecetto - Chieri
Line 188 | Ceres - Balme with summer extension to Pian della Mussa

Servizio urbano di Pinerolo (Pinerolo urban service)

Line 705 | Osasco - S. Secondo - Ospedali - Pinerolo FS - P.le Avis - Industrial area "Porporata" - Ipercoop
Line 709 | Mercatale B shuttle

Servizio urbano di Giaveno (Giaveno urban service)

Line 802 | Giaveno - Provonda
Lines 801 / 803 | Giaveno - Maddalena - Chiarmetta
Regular throughout all the network


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