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From 1 July 2023 Cavourese introduced the Transport Credit, a functionality linked to the BIP system of the Piedmont Region which allows a decisive simplification of the use of public transport.


Customers will be able to load some desired amounts onto their BIP card (minimum €5.00), thus activating a credit towards Cavourese. With this method it will no longer be necessary to have a ticket. When you board the bus, the ticketing system with which all buses are equipped will automatically calculate the route used for the trip by deducting the exact amount attributed to the trip from the credit. The system will continue to deduct the amounts necessary for subsequent trips from the credit, subject to checking the actual availability for the trip being used.

Using the transport credit is very simple: to pay for a single ticket you no longer need to go to the ticket office or ask the driver for it at the stop! It is sufficient, always using the front door to board, to check-in only by placing the BIP card on the validator. The system is able to automatically verify the exact boarding point. Since it is not possible to know exactly what the descent stop will be, the check is done by calculating the distance between the boarding point and the arrival terminus. If the credit is recognized and above all is sufficient to cover the cost of the distance calculated in this way, a confirmation sound is emitted: from this moment on board is permitted.

This process is completely controlled by the Customer. In fact, to allow the system to understand the descent stop and therefore to calculate the exact amount to be deducted, it is always necessary to remember to CHECK-OUT. Before getting off the bus it will be necessary to place the BIP card again on the validator normally present near the alighting door. Please remember that on the buses there is a validator for each door. In small vehicles equipped with only one door, check-in and check-out must be done on the same validator.

Without CHECK-OUT the deducted amount could be higher because it is calculated up to the arrival terminus. It is therefore absolutely in the interest of every customer to always validate entry and exit from the bus.

It is specified that Transport Credit is one of the different ticketing methods offered to the user and therefore is added to the existing ones; season tickets and/or multi-journey carnets can always be loaded onto the BIP card. If there are multiple travel tickets on a card, the on-board system will always be able to offer the customer the most favorable method (in economic terms) to use.


The minimum requirement for activating the transport credit is possession of the BIP card.

The BIP card is nominal and to request it it is necessary, for users aged 4 years and over, to go only to the company ticket offices equipped with an identity document and a passport photo. The one-off issuing cost is €5.00. For more information How to apply for a BIP card:

The BIP card can be recharged at the Cavourese ticket offices in:

  • CAVOUR - V. Antica di Pinerolo 63 - From Monday to Friday - 8.30am-12.30pm/2.30pm-5.00pm
  • GIAVENO - V. Coazze 23 - From Monday to Friday - 8.30am-12.30pm/2.30pm-5.00pm
  • CHIERI - V. Conte Rossi di Montelera, 20 - From Monday to Friday - 8.30am-12.30pm/2.30pm-5.00pm

It is also possible to contact all affiliated external retailers. To consult the list click here: RESALE LIST

Attention: As you know, on line 252 the single tickets sold on board are only the GTT ones and therefore the transport credit cannot be used!


The transport credit is a quick way to obtain a single journey ticket. From 1 July 2023 it will also be the cheapest one.Those who have not activated it will still be able to purchase the ticket on board but a collection fee on board of €0.70 will be applied.

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