Our services

Public and Local Transport

An efficient team fully commits itself in the daily management of the public bus routes for the Metropolitan City of Turin.

School bus and special services

Our drivers always have an eye for safety, especially when it comes to student transportation. We also supply particular workforce transfers for the main local industries. Furthermore, Cavourese is the only Italian transport company who owns a special coach shaped to carry up to 12 people with disabilities.


From Liguria, through Langhe, to the splendid Milky Way: Tour4You is the fastest and cheapest way to reach the most attractive holiday destinations, both for italians and foreigners.

Coach Hire

Thanks to our decade-long expertise and to a highly-skilled staff, we can always guarantee a relaxing and tailor-made travel experience.

Our Team

Our biggest strength lies behind an extraordinary team, who cooperates in synergy in order to provide our customers the best service possibile. Our staff consists of 150 employees among drivers, office workers and mechanical professionals. Our commercial wing, the core of our company, is composed by well-trained experts. They are completely able to satisfy any kind of demand from both Italian and foreign customers. The transport and planning office is responsible for the detailed implementation of every trip. It is available 24/7 in order to assist every urgency or emergency during the journeys.

Our History

  1. Beginnings

    Cavourese was established on 14th December, 1945 in Cavour, Turin. The small company only owned one coach, a 30-seat FIAT 626 model, and a single driver for the route Cavour-Pinerolo.

  2. 60s and 70s

    In order to meet the growing transport demand, the vehicle fleet was widened, as well as the bus routes quantity. The first workforce and school transport services appeared in the Turinese and Cuneese areas.

  3. 80s and 90s

    With its constant development, the company became one of the main actors in the public transport field. It began then to widen its offer of coach hire with driver, covering both the national and the European area. At the same time, Cavourese secured relevant partnerships with tour operators and touristic companies.

  4. 2000s

    In 2001 and 2003, the company got the UNI EN ISO 9001 –for its Quality Management System– and UNI EN ISO 14001 –for its Management System Development– certificates.During these years the vehicle fleet increased and the covered areas were significantly expanded. The corporate merger of some small companies in the area -like the SDAV s.r.l. located in Luserna S. Giovanni, the Bodoira Angelo s.r.l. in Val Susa or the EUROBUS s.r.l. in Turin contributed to this development.

  5. 2006

    In 2006, thanks to the Winter Olympics the spotlight was on Turin and its incomparable ski areas. Cavourese took part into the event as transport manager partner for athletes and sponsors such as General Electric and NBC. Furthermore, the Olympic frame helped our company to officially launch the Ski Bus service, a direct connection between the Turin Airport and the main ski resorts in Upper Val Susa - Bardonecchia, Sestriere, Pragelato, Cesana and Oulx.

  6. 2011

    Cavourese entered Extra.TO, a consortium that associates 21 transport companies within the Metropolitan City of Turin and whose aim is to ensure the Public and Local Transport services in Turin and in Pinerolo, Ivrea, Bardonecchia, Carmagnola and Giaveno.

  7. 16th December, 2015

    Cavourese incorporated Martoglio S.p.A., an historic company from Giaveno (TO), thus widening the vehicle fleet and the service offer itself. During the same year the Turin headquarter –located in Strada del Drosso 77– developed its relevance in order to provide its customers a specific commercial division.

  8. Today

    In these last years the company has strengthened its coach hire sector, keeping a special focus on the tourism field. Thanks to its partnerships with the main local tour operators and the creation of new touristic routes – such as Liguria Shuttle, the Sacra shuttle and the Turin Eco City Tour, which won the ANAV SMART MOVE 2016 for Tourism –, Cavourese has widened its range of action like no other company in Piedmont. In March 2018 Cavourese has adopted the OHSAS 18001:2007 –Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series– certification alongside existing management systems.

  9. Tomorrow

    Cavourese, which has always underlined its tendency to innovate, continues to look forward with brand new projects, improving the service offers and assuring efficiency, safety and professionalism to all of its customers.