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Information on pricing systems and active travel tickets

Regular throughout all the network

Piedmont Region Tariff and pricing System

The tariff system, defined by the Piedmont Region, establishes the tariffs to be applied based on the distance travelled.By excluding the locations that fall within the Formula Integrated Area, once the origin and destination are known, the amount of the travel ticket to be purchased is identified.


FORMULA Integrated Pricing System

The integrated tariff and pricing system defined as "FORMULA" is a particular tariff system, applied only to season tickets, in force in the Turin Metropolitan Area. If the origin and destination of the trip fall within this precise area, a different fare definition system is used.


The BIP system and electronic ticketing

The BIP, Electronic Ticketing System of the Piedmont Region, allows users in possession of a BIP card to access the various regional mobility services in a simplified way. Objectives: relaunching the Piedmontese LPT system, promoting sustainable mobility, improving accessibility to services, management and promotion of LPT and communication of the different forms of regional mobility.


Purchase travel tickets at Cavourese

The Cavourese sales network allows the issuing of all travel tickets, both Formula and corporate. Thanks to the new electronic ticketing system, tickets can also be purchased on board. Consult the section to find out about all the purchase methods. Our offices and our operators will help you identify the best travel solution.


Piedmont Region Tariff System

Understanding the pricing system: instructions for use

The rules for determining the tariff system are well defined and refer to the following regulatory framework:

  • With Resolution 13-6608 of 4 November 2013, the Piedmont Region adjusted the extra-urban tariffs and Formula season tickets with effect from 1 December 2013.
  • With Resolution no. 6 of 10/23/2019, the Agency's Assembly approved the automatic adjustment to scheduled inflation of the tariffs referred to in the aforementioned D.G.R.
  • With Resolution no. 6 of 07/20/2021, the Agency's Assembly approved a further automatic adjustment to the scheduled inflation of the tariffs referred to in the aforementioned D.G.R.
  • With resolution no. 3 of 06/14/2022, the Agency's Assembly approved a further automatic adjustment to the scheduled inflation of the tariffs referred to in the aforementioned D.G.R.
  • With resolution no. 2 of 03/30/2023, the Agency's Assembly approved a further automatic adjustment to the scheduled inflation of the tariffs referred to in the aforementioned D.G.R.

The main elements for proposing and/or helping current and potential LPT customers to orient themselves on the use of travel tickets are described and specified below.


Extra-urban tickets and passes in kilometer bands - Rates in force from 1 July 2023

Single journey tickets for extra-urban buses are used on extra-urban TPL lines (blue buses).

Extra-urban services that originate and/or destination outside the integrated area Formula (detailed later) the tariff system for Local Public Transport identified by the Piedmont Region is based on the so-called "pentakilometric" criterion. In detail, 17 specific brackets are identified: tariff changes occur every 5 km (for the bands from 0 km to 50 km), every 10 km (for the bands from 50.1 km to 100 km) and every 25 km (for the bands from 100.1 km to 150 km).

The pentakilometric criterion is very simple: the main element for determining a specific tariff is the distance traveled by the line. Therefore, moving along the path followed by the line which is therefore not necessarily the minimum one, all the echelons are counted, including the starting one. The last bracket represents the tariff to be considered. View or download the table effective July 1, 2023.


Travel documents in force

UNLIMITED WEEKLY: valid for the week in which it was purchased, for an unlimited number of journeys (including holidays)

MONTHLY 5 days: valid only on specific bus lines for workers (workers) for 42 trips per month from Monday to Friday

QUARTERLY 5 days: valid for 3 consecutive months only on specific bus lines for workers (workers) for 126 trips (42 trips per month) from Monday to Friday

UNLIMITED MONTHLY: valid for the month in which it was purchased, for an unlimited number of trips (including holidays)

UNLIMITED QUARTERLY: valid for 3 consecutive months, for an unlimited number of journeys (including holidays)

UNLIMITED ANNUAL: valid for one year, for an unlimited number of trips (including holidays)

10 MONTHS UNLIMITED STUDENTS: valid from 1 September to 30 June of the following year, for an unlimited number of journeys (including holidays) It is reserved for students up to 25 years of age and must be accompanied by an identification document and for students from 15 to 25 years old by a document proving school enrollment.

OPTIONAL 20 RIDE CARD: valid for n. 20 trips to be made within 60 days starting from the date of first validation


FORMULA Integrated Pricing System

The FORMULA integrated fare system is a fare integration system, valid only for season tickets and not for single journey tickets, in force in the Turin metropolitan area and born thanks to the agreement between the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin, GTT SpA, Trenitalia and all companies operating TPL services in the aforementioned area.The objective is to make the public transport service more effective and efficient.


Operating mechanism

If the customer uses services with departure and arrival points falling within the integrated area, Formula can purchase and use a specific ticket (subscription only) which gives free access to all scheduled services, whether rail or car, independently from whichever company operates them.

Here are some rules for using the Formula system in Turin:

Calculation of Rates Based on Zones:
Normally, the Formula season ticket is chosen based on the number of zones crossed:

  • Only one area: Formula 1.
  • Two zones: Formula 2.
  • Three zones: Formula 3.

However, there is an exception: the U zone of Turin counts for two. Therefore, if you move from Turin to the first belt crossing the Turin zone (value 2) and zone A (value 1), the season ticket to use is the Formula 3.

If, however, you move from Pinerolo to a location in another area, consider that the integrated area of ​​Pinerolo counts for two (like Turin). For example, to move from Pinerolo to Turin, you should count 7 zones (two for the vast area of ​​Pinerolo, 1 respectively for zones P, O, A and two for zone U of Turin). With this subscription, you can use all urban services in both Pinerolo and Turin.

Similarly, if you move between two municipalities in the belt crossing Turin, the season ticket will be the Formula 3.

If, however, you move between two municipalities in different areas but have to pass through Turin (for example from Chivasso to Collegno), the season ticket to purchase will be the Formula 5 (which allows you to move through 4 areas, of which one - Turin - is valid two).

Integrated Area Formula

  • The Formula Integrated Area includes Turin and a surrounding area that extends for approximately 40 km in radius in the Province of Turin.
  • The area is divided into 19 zones, with Turin indicated with the letter U (urban area) and the first belt of Turin indicated with the letter A.
  • The outermost areas are all marked with a letter of the alphabet.
  • The vast area of ​​Pinerolo, also known as the PIN area, includes Pinerolo and the following municipalities: Buriasco, Cantalupa, Frossasco, Macello, Osasco, Prarostino, Roletto, San Pietro Val Lemina and San Secondo. Season tickets valid in this area allow you to use the urban service of the city of Pinerolo and all the connections offered between the municipalities belonging to the area.
  • To facilitate those who reach the Metropolitan City of Turin on a daily basis from other locations in the Piedmont Region (or vice versa) outside the integrated area, there are connections with the EXTRA.TO lines called "expansions".The expansions connect to the Formula integrated area in the municipalities called "port locations". Those who travel on the "expansions" without going beyond the "port location" do not use Formula, but the normal season tickets at a regional five-kilometer rate.Municipalities belonging to the Extrato expansion: Bricherasio, Bibiana, Luserna San Giovanni; Pellice Tower.
Formula Network Map

The BIP system and electronic ticketing

What is the BIP card
BIP, acronym for "Piedmont Integrated Ticket", is the electronic ticketing system adopted by the Piedmont Region. It allows you to take advantage of the various mobility services available in the regional territory in an easy and simplified way.

The BIP supports the Piedmontese public transport system and promotes sustainable mobility, improving accessibility to services, the management and promotion of public transport and the communication of the different forms of regional mobility.It is based on the BIP card: a rechargeable contactless smart card valid throughout Piedmont, which allows you to easily access the various mobility services active in the regional territory: urban and extra-urban buses, trams, subway and railway services.

On your BIP card, you can load:

  • subscriptions (weekly, carnet, monthly, quarterly and annual) that can be purchased from the sales network of your transport company
  • “Transport Credit” which allows you to pay for public transport throughout the entire regional territory by freely using a prepaid wallet similar to telephone credit.

The BIP card is unique and personal.When issued, it is personalized with some personal data (name, surname and date of birth) and accompanied by a photograph.This is information that allows you to simplify checks on board the vehicle and to verify that, in the event of loss of the card, your season tickets are not used by other people.In the event of theft or loss of the BIP card, it is necessary to report it to the authorities and request a duplicate at the ticket office or at the service centers of your transport company.


How BIP works
To access public transport services, simply hold your card close to the readers found on public transport, in underground stations and in train stations: a "beep" will confirm that your ticket has been correctly validated. Remember to beep every time you get on public transport!

The beeps are collected by the computer systems and transmitted to the transport company and authorities, who use this information to upgrade the busiest lines and improve the quality of service.
Beeping is the best way to communicate to other passengers that I too am a regular user who helps support public transport and wants to help improve it. The more beeps we hear, the more we know that others are contributing to public transport alongside us.


How to apply for the BIP card
The BIP is active in all the Piedmontese provinces as part of urban and extra-urban public transport services and regional and metropolitan railway services (Metropolitan Railway Service - SFM).To request your BIP card you can contact the public transport company closest to you.


BIP charging points
Purchase a travel ticket or season ticket and load it onto your card at the transport company offices.


The BIP card for disabled people

The BIP Free Circulation card is reserved for people in possession of a disability certificate with a percentage starting from 67%. The travel ticket, valid for one year, allows you to travel on the entire regional public transport network, including regional trains in Piedmont to Milan, Genoa and Savona.

Depending on the type and percentage of disability, the applicant may be issued a BIP Free Movement card for disabled people which allows you to travel for free even with a companion.The BIP card that allows you to travel with a companion is marked with the letter A, while the one that allows only the holder to travel freely is marked with the letter D.

Please note: holders of a BIP card marked with the letter A are also allowed to travel alone, traveling with a companion is an optional opportunity.The card is reserved for people with disabilities who are resident in the Piedmont Region. To be entitled to the card, marked with the letter D, you must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Percentage of civil or work disability greater than 67% and less than 99%
  • Deaf
  • Severely visually impaired (decimer)
  • Handicap (L. 104/92 art.3 paragraph 1) with reduced motor capacity or multiple amputations
  • Invalid for war, work and service categories II, III or IV.

To be entitled to the circulation card for the holder and any companion, marked with the letter A, you must fall into one of the following categories:

  • 100% civil or work disability rate
  • Blind
  • Disabled minor
  • Severe handicap (L. 104/92 art.3 paragraph 3)
  • War, work and service invalid category I

The first request for a BIP Free Movement card for people with disabilities is presented to the relevant delegated body, delivering the disability report or the self-certification signed and accompanied by a copy of an identity document.

The Free Circulation permit loaded onto BIP cards has a duration of one year, expiring on the date of one's birthday. Upon expiration of the title, if not recharged, the BIP card will not be usable for travel on the regional public transport network.If the free circulation travel document has expired and a new one needs to be loaded onto the BIP card, you can use the appropriate APP for Android devices or for IOS devices or go to the BIP charging points (List)

The 5T Help Desk manages, on behalf of the Piedmont Region, the service for users already in possession of a Free Movement Card.At the counter you can carry out the following operations:

  • Renewal of the Free Circulation travel document
  • Printing of duplicates for theft, loss or damage of the BIP Free Circulation Card
  • Request for information on using the BIP Free Circulation Card

However, it is not possible to:

  • Request for the first issue of the BIP Free Circulation Card
  • Generic BIP Card Requests

The desk is in Corso Novara 96 ​​and observes the following opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 16:30;Friday from 9:00 to 13:30.An appointment is required to access the desk.The contact details are as follows:  telephone: 01119270372;e-mail:

Any further information is available at the following link: BIP Integrated Ticket Piedmont




Purchase travel tickets at Cavourese

Tutti i titoli di viaggio possono essere acquistati presso le biglietterie interne e presso tutte le rivendite autorizzate. L'acquisto può essere perfezionato sia con uso di denaro contante che con pagamenti elettronici (bancomat o carte di credito).

Single journey tickets

Single-journey tickets, with the exception of 20-journey carnets and "Transport Credit" top-ups, can only be purchased on board after paying the surcharge established by the Granting Body. A customer at a stop who does not have a ticket at the time of boarding (always done from the front door) simply needs to indicate the destination location to the driver. The driver is expected to hand over the receipt, which is valid as a receipt, against the respective payment. The customer must always ask for the receipt and keep it for the entire duration of the trip. In case of inspection, proof of purchase will be valid. There are no electronic payments on board the bus and therefore it is advisable to show up at the stop with small amounts of money and preferably if already counted. Once tickets have been issued, they are automatically canceled and no longer usable. All single journey tickets can only be used once and are not transferable. DropOn/DropOff is not permitted and therefore getting off the bus, even for just a few minutes, does not give you the right to get back on. In this case it is necessary to buy a new travel ticket or use a valid one.


Subscriptions and electronic travel tickets

Once issued, season tickets are already active. The customer, when boarding which must always take place from the front door, is always required to validate the travel ticket by simply placing the smart card on the reader located near the conductor. If the travel ticket is valid and/or active, the reader will display a confirmation message and also emit a correct validation sound. In the event of failure to read, which may be attributable either to incorrect reading (ruined/demagnetized smart-card or faulty reader) or to incorrect validity of the ticket (ticket expired or invalid for the route used), the travel ticket must always be shown to the driver together with an identification document and the charging receipt. Each title is in fact strictly personal and cannot be transferred. Therefore the travel ticket is considered valid only if accompanied by the receipt received at each top-up.

All travel documents perform the function of a receipt and therefore must be kept intact for the entire duration of the journey, upon disembarkation and in the immediate vicinity, in order to allow for any tax checks by the inspection bodies. These checks can be carried out both on board the vehicle and in the immediate vicinity of the stop locations.

Those entitled to free movement can only be admitted on board if they are in possession of a valid BIP card. Validity must always be demonstrated by placing the card on the appropriate reader. In case of failure to read it, it is the customer's responsibility to demonstrate the correct validity of the title. Unless expressly indicated on the travel ticket, possession of the card does not give the right to the presence of a companion.


The BIP card

All travel documents, with the exception of single-journey tickets, are electronic and dematerialized and therefore must be loaded onto a special medium known as a BIP card (Smart-Card). Each customer must therefore, in order to purchase a travel ticket, obtain a BIP card which, containing their personal data, is strictly personal. BIP cards are interoperable and can be read by all operators in the Piedmont Region. This means that, for example, it is possible to purchase the BIP card at a Trenitalia retailer and a Formula season ticket at a Cavourese retailer.

The BIP card has a one-off cost of €5.00 and is valid for 4 years.


Subscription refund

Partial or total refunds are not permitted for subscriptions, with the exception of multi-monthly and annual subscriptions. Subscriptions will be refunded before expiration upon request from the user. The customer must submit a written request personally at one of the Cavourese S.p.A. branches. At the time of the request, the smart card on which the title is loaded must also be presented. The reimbursement methods are as follows:

  • for the multi-monthly student subscription, the refund amount will be calculated by deducting from the subscription price the monthly payments used (calculated on the basis of the cost of the corresponding ordinary unlimited monthly subscription) and a further 5% (with a minimum of €5.00 ). Fractions of a month are counted as additional full months;
  • for the annual subscription the refund amount will be calculated by deducting from the price of the subscription the monthly payments used (calculated on the basis of the cost of the corresponding ordinary unlimited monthly subscription) and a further 5% (with a minimum of €5.00) . Fractions of a month are counted as additional full months.


How to buy a travel ticket

The purchase of the Cavourese travel ticket can take place:

The purchase of the BIP Card is linked to that of the travel ticket and can only be made at company counters. To request a BIP Card you need to go only to the Cavourese company branches and have:

  1. photocopy of identity document and tax code of the card holder; in the case of a minor, a photocopy of identity documents and tax code of a parent or of the person exercising parental authority;
  2. recent passport-sized photo of the card holder;
  3. completed BIP card request form (download the attached form).

Authorized resellers
Authorized retailers are only authorized to issue travel documents (for BIP Cards, contact a company counter).

Useful information for subscribers

Transport Bonus

If you have a Euro 3-4-5 diesel vehicle you can get a 100 euro discount voucher on the annual pass to encourage the use of Local Public Transport. It is an initiative of the Piedmont Region active from 30 October 2023

Tax Deductions

From 1 January 2020, as a result of the provision contained in the 2020 Budget Law (Law 27 December 2019, n. 160), the cost of the public transport season ticket is deductible only if the payment is electronically tracked.

Obtaining the deduction equal to 19% of the cost of the subscription (except that the maximum amount subject to deduction cannot exceed €250.00) purchases can only be made with the use of debit cards, credit cards, debit cards and /or prepaid (NO cash). Please remember that the proof of purchase is the receipt that must be kept.

Cavourese does not issue any documents for tax returns.

The Piedmont Region has activated a 100 euro discount voucher on the annual season ticket for owners of a Euro 3-4-5 diesel vehicle to encourage the use of Local Public Transport.

The Piedmont Region introduces the TPL Bonus - Local Public Transport Bonus, in implementation of the Regional Air Quality Plan, in order to promote the use of public transport and collective mobility and reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere (mainly fine particles and nitrogen oxides).

The discount is equal to 100 euros.

It will be possible to use the bonus for the purchase or reimbursement of both ordinary annual and multi-month student passes for local public transport by rail and road (buses, trams, subway and trains).

The measure has a multi-year duration and will end in 2025.

To request it, access the PIEDMONT REGION website.


Who can request it
The beneficiaries of the LPT bonus are the owners of Euro 3 diesel, Euro 4 diesel and Euro 5 diesel vehicles resident in the Piedmont Region, natural or legal persons:

  • for natural persons, the beneficiary can be directly the owner of the vehicle or one of the members included in his family register;
  • for legal entities, the beneficiary can be the managing director or an employee of the company to which the vehicle is registered.

How to submit the application
The application can be submitted to the Piedmont Region exclusively online.To access the procedure it is necessary to authenticate using the Digital Identity System (SPID), Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or National Service Card (CNS).The owner of the vehicle or another person can apply.

In the event that the application is submitted by a person other than the owner of the vehicle (third party account), the latter must log in to the platform using their SPID/CIE/CNS credentials and then indicate the owner's data as the beneficiary.

When to submit the application
From 30 October 2023 it is possible to submit the application for the discount or refund.

Information and contacts
Piedmont Region toll-free number (from 8.00 to 18.00)

  • from landline: 800 333 444 - selection key 0 (zero)
  • from mobile phone or from abroad: +39 011 08 24 222

Public Relations Office: Urp offices - Piedmont Region.


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