100 euro bonus for public transport from the Piedmont region!

The Piedmont Region has activated a 100 euro discount voucher on the annual subscription for owners of a Euro 3-4-5 diesel vehicle to encourage the use of Local Public Transport.

The Piedmont Region introduces the TPL Bonus - Local Public Transport Bonus, in implementation of the Regional Air Quality Plan, in order to promote the use of public transport and collective mobility and reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere (mainly fine particles and nitrogen oxides).

The discount is equal to 100 euros.

It will be possible to use the bonus for the purchase or refund of both ordinary annual and multi-month student passes for local public transport by rail and road (buses, trams, subways and trains).

The measure has a multi-year duration and will end in 2025.

To request it, access the PIEDMONT REGION website.



Who can request it

The beneficiaries of the LPT bonus are the owners of Euro 3 diesel, Euro 4 diesel and Euro 5 diesel vehicles resident in the Piedmont Region, natural or legal persons:

  • for natural persons, the beneficiary can be directly the owner of the vehicle or one of the members included in his family register;
  • for legal entities, the beneficiary can be the CEO or an employee of the company to which the vehicle is registered.


How to submit the application

The application can be submitted to the Piedmont Region exclusively online.
To access the procedure it is necessary to authenticate using the Digital Identity System (SPID), Electronic Identity Card (CIE) or National Service Card (CNS).

The owner of the vehicle or another person can apply.

In the event that the application is submitted by a person other than the owner of the vehicle (third party account), the latter must log in to the platform using their SPID/CIE/CNS credentials and then indicate the owner's data as beneficiary.


When to submit the application

From 30 October 2023 it is possible to submit the application, for the discount or for the refund.


Information and contacts

Piedmont Region toll-free number (from 8.00 to 18.00)

  • from landline: 800 333 444 - selection key 0 (zero)
  • by mobile phone or from abroad: +39 011 08 24 222

Public Relations Office: URP offices - Piedmont Region.

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